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To all our friends, family, clients and collaborators at Zenith, we are thinking of you. These are challenging times we face, the likes of which we have never witnessed. COVID-19 knows no border, race, faith nor wealth. We are all in this together as a single, global community.
Since its foundation, Zenith has always been there to support individuals in the pursuit of their dreams. Today, we all share the same dream: to overcome the virus and to get back to living our lives to the fullest.
Like many of our peers in the watchmaking industry and virtually all sectors of the economy, we have taken the decision to temporarily close our manufacture as well as many of our boutiques around the world, in order to keep our customers, employees, their families and local communities safe.
Rest assured that our entire administrative team continues to work as tirelessly as ever from home. You can continue to contact us directly for whatever you need. Should you have any urgent requests or enquiries, please contact our dedicated Concierge service at any time by writing to info@zenith-watches.com or calling +41329306500.
The Zenith team and I firmly believe that the path to a brighter tomorrow is paved with togetherness and selflessness. Everyday, we are inspired by the acts of kindness, bravery and community spirit that we are witnessing around the world.
Until we overcome this hardship together, we hope you stay safe and never lose hope. This too shall pass.
Sincerely yours,
Julien Tornare