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Free University of Bolzano gives Ukrainian refugees access to studies and teaching

At the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Ukrainian students will be allowed to enrol in single courses. They will be exempted from tuition fees, receive a monthly financial support during the 2nd semester of the current academic year, can eat in the university canteen, enroll in the special course offerings of the Language Centre and use the provincial mobility services free of charge. In addition, the Provincial office of Education Support is making an effort to find free accommodation for them. Ukrainian students who ask for study admission in this context can be interviewed by unibz professors of the specific degree programmes to check the students‘ academic knowledge in the selected subject areas.All these measures for students will apply until September 2022. Any extensions or changes will be considered at due time according to the development of the emergency situation.

Ukrainian refugee PhD students can be accepted as Visiting PhDs to the PhD programmes of unibz and complete a research stay at unibz, provided that their research area corresponds to the research area of one of the unibz programmes.

According to the CRUI’s letter, Ukrainian refugee professors can be assigned as visiting professors (or research assistants AR). The current legal situation allows them to be accepted only within the framework of the unibz regulations, i.e. without remuneration but with reimbursement of expenses. As soon as new decisions will be taken on a national level regarding residence or work permits (a DPCM in this sense is already being prepared), we will duly inform about it. In the meantime, we also try to set up internal financing possibilities for Ukrainian visiting professors (or research assistants AR).

Contact: study@unibz.it – phone +39.0471.01 21 00 – www.unibz.