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Monsieur Olivier Francois steht an achter Stelle der FORBES LIST der einflussreichsten CMO’s der Welt 2021. Mit deutlichem Abstand Platz eins bei Automotive. Olivier Francois ist Brand Chief Executive Officer FIAT & ABARTH und Global Chief Marketing Officer STELLANTIS. Das sagt FORBES: While many brands stayed away from politics for their 2021 Super Bowl commercials, Olivier Francois sung to the middle of the aisle with Jeep. Instead of going with humor, the ad, starring Bruce Springsteen, took a somber approach just a month after the January 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol, with the music icon asking Americans to end their divisiveness. Francois is also in charge of helping market the future of electric vehicles for brands like Fiat, which hopes to be all-electric by 2030. Beyond EVs, he’s also doing a lot with music in car marketing: In May, Stellantis partnered with Foo Fighters’ front man Dave Grohl for its Ram brand, and earlier this month Jeep even created its own custom guitar made from wood taken out of historic Detroit buildings.

Sounds good…

Foto: STELLANITS (Der Text auf dem Screen wurde von uns geändert. Originaltext war: It’s a Message. Aufgenommen bei der Eröffnung von ‚La Pista 500‘ / Lingotto / Turin im September 2021)